Articles About Photography

In simple list form! I hope you enjoy these articles about a variety of topics.

📸 5 Reasons to Learn Photography Photography can change your life! Find out how here.

🎁 Gift Ideas for Photographers Things I own and love and things on my wish-list.

💪🏼 30 Day Photography Challenge A 30 Day Challenge with prompts, a downloadable cheat-sheet, and articles to give you ideas. Have fun while nurturing your powers of observation and honing your photography skills!


🌱 Mindful Photography Workshop A free workshop and downloadable workbook to discover the power of mindful photography.

👀 The Art of Seeing How to still the mind so your senses can be fully present to the world around you. You can’t photograph what you can’t see!

🚶🏻‍♀️ Take a Mindful Photowalk A photowalk can reduce stress, increase your sense of gratitude and joy, and is fun! What’s not to Leo?


📱 6 Tips for Awesome Phone Photos Some of these will probably be new to you.

🌸 6 Tips for Better Photos of Flowers Love flowers? Some great ideas for taking better photographs of them.

🗃 How to Organize Your Digital Photos It’s never too late to start! Each year that you delay means another year of chaos for future you/your descendants. Free downloadable workbook.

📸 Why You Need to Print Your Photos You really do need to print some of them and here’s why.

🧒🏻 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Photographing Your Kids Hard learned lessons from photographing my own kids in the years before I became a professional photographer.


Rule of Thirds The first photography rule I ever learned! So simple and quite powerful.

🐛 Worm’s Eye View Change your point of view and improve your photography.

🦅 Bird’s Eye View Same as above – change your point of view and improve your photography.

⭕️ Understanding Symmetry What it is, why it is psychologically pleasing, and how to use it in our images.

📈 Working With Lines My favorite element of composition! Learn all about them here.

🔲 Framing Your Subject I love doing this with my clients — it’s a great way to draw attention to your subject.

🧱Working With Texture Textures are fascinating to photograph and reveal so much about the subject! Learn how to accentuate them in your images.

Working with Patterns Patterns are everywhere! They can be photographed as interesting abstract subjects or used as elements in a photograph.

🌈 Understanding Color Colors are so beautiful and can be used to enhance emotion and mood in a photograph.

♦️Working With Shape Recognizing and highlighting shapes in your images can give them more impact.

⬜️ Using Negative Space Negative space can be a beautiful way to emphasize your subjects.

🏞Understanding Depth Depth adds a lot of interest to your images, especially landscapes and story-telling photographs.l


Impressionist Photography

Photographing Solitude

Photographing Water

Photographing Reflections

Photographing Architecture

Working With Shadows

Understanding Window Light

Abstract Photograph

Incorporating Sun Flare

Creating a Sense of Mystery

DIY Trash Bag Dress Fashion Photoshoot

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