Photo Challenge: Photographing Water

Today’s challenge is to photograph water. Water is a wonderful subject because it is readily available in three different forms, liquid, solid (snow, ice) and gas (fog, mist, bubbles) and there are so many opportunities to photograph it.

When we think of photographing water, we may initially think of bodies of water like an ocean or lake, or weather like rain. And these can be really beautiful, especially with reflections.

But there are so many other options, like water from a fountain or a hose, ice cubes, water sports, drops of water on a plant, or frost on a garden plant.

Water can be the main subject of your photograph, it can be a leading line through your image, or it can be a supporting element that sets the scene or provides information about your subject, like showing a lily pad in its native environment.

Photographing water can be a challenge too, if you want to experiment with your camera’s shutter speed. A fast shutter speed will stop the motion of water.

A slow shutter speed will create silky water. Don’t forget the exposure triangle — it may take a few tries to get the proper exposure!


#MindfulPhotoChallenge Day 15: Water

The challenge today is to capture an image that incorporates water! On your photowalk or around your home, there are plenty of opportunities to include water in your photograph.

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