I know video is a very popular way to learn, but I still have a passion for books! Some of my favorite memories of childhood are hours spend in the library, especially when I finished my work early in elementary school and my teachers would let me go to the library. As an adult, I spend lots of time in bookstore and at library sales and on Amazon, browsing and buying books.

Here you'll find links to book/s I've written as well as photography books I enjoy.

123 Launch It

I wrote this gentle, encouraging guide for every overwhelmed, stressed out mom who wants to start a photography business.

Most of the “Start a Photography Business” advice out there that is geared towards people who already have their s*** together. "Just buy this camera and this lens, sign up for this workshop, spend $10,000, design your branding materials, charge top dollar" -- and you’re all set.

What about the rest of us? The messy humans with a lot on our plate? Ten years ago, I was juggling severe food allergies, special needs kids, endless school meetings and events, enrichment activities, household management — and I was pretty stressed out. So how was I going to start a business?

The answer to that is slow and steady, keeping my eyes on my own path. By taking baby steps, and practicing self-care. It wasn't easy, but it's enriched my life in countless ways. I’ve loved every single client, I’ve met so many people, made so many friends, and learned so many valuable skills beyond photography. And I’ve earned a solid income while working part time from my home.

So check it out on! It's been in the top 100 photography books since I published it, sometimes #1, and it's been getting good reviews. And if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.

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My Favorite Photography Books

People often ask me for recommendations about how to improve their photography skills. I've assembled a short list of some of my personal favorites that would be particularly helpful to new photographers.

Beyond Auto Mode

Understanding Exposure

Picture Perfect Practice

Learning to See Creatively

How to Photography Absolutely Everything

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