“This newsletter is full of cheer and hope and variety and resources and humor and opportunities – in other words, it really expresses you!  I love it.  I look forward to the next one.”  Linda S., Virginia

Thank you for this beautiful newsletter.  It really is beautiful in design and in language!”  Rika S., California

“Your newsletter is worth the wait!  😀 Really lifted my spirits.”  Anna H., Virginia

“What a delightful read.  I love how tastefully you curate and present all these elements in your newsletter :). Achim R., Germany

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I wanted to create a newsletter filled with possibility and optimism about human nature, the world around us, and our capacity to grow and change. We are bombarded with so many sources of information that fill us with anxiety or anger us, and I wanted to create something different as a counter point.

I’m sharing the best of what I find on the web about creativity, well-being, and mindful productivity, as well as my own thoughts and insights when I think they may be of interest. Not as an expert, but as a fellow human being journeying through this miracle of existence.

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To learn why I named my newsletter “A Gossamer Thread”, watch the video below.