"The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but of having new eyes." -- Marcel Proust


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Photography Challenge Goals

  • Encourage you to “see with new eyes”, to be fully present and really notice the world around you,
  • Spur you to follow your curiosity and to create images that reflect your unique vision and perspective.
  • Provide you with popular tools of composition that you can use to shape your photography.
  • NOTE: This challenge is ideal for your camera phone. It’s not about technical camera skills, it’s about nurturing your vision and creativity.

    How the challenge WORKS

    1. Watch this 1 minute classic video on attention.

    2. Watch the video below on "How to Take a Mindful Photowalk".

    3. Every day, click on a link below for your daily reflection and challenge.

    4. Once you have taken a photograph that meets the challenge, you can post it on Instagram with the hashtag #mindfulphotochallenge.

    4. When you post an image, please comment on 2 or 3 other images to help spark conversation and engagement!

    How to Take a Photowalk

    The photowalk is the backbone of this challenge. It doesn't have to be particularly long -- just 5 minutes will do -- but your photowalk will ideally be mindful and intentional. When your mind is clear and present and you are following your curiosity -- that's when the magic happens in your photography!

    A mindful photowalk has five elements:

    1. Presence

    2. Observation

    3. Curiosity

    4. Experimentation

    5. Reflection

    Watch the video to learn more!

    28 Days of Photo Prompts!

    Pick and choose, or start at the Beginning!

    Day 1 - The commonplace

    day 2 - worm's eye view

    day 3 - a grace note

    day 4 - bird's eye view

    day 5 - solitude

    day 6 - framing

    day 7 - hygge

    day 8 - rule of thirds

    day 9 - shadows

    day 10 - texture

    day 11 - wabi sabi

    day 12 - symmetry

    day 13 - negative space

    day 14 - lines

    day 15 - water

    day 16 - hope

    day 17 - patterns

    day 18 - reflections

    day 19 - color

    day 20 - abstract photography

    day 21 - architecture

    day 22 - window light

    day 23 - shape

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