Senior Pictures in Washington DC Are Becoming a Thing!

With more time on their hands, high school seniors have been more interested in taking their senior pictures in Washington DC. — in spite of the travel time and National Park Service Fees. As I used to work in DC, I love this opportunity to revisit my old stomping grounds!

Early morning is the best time to take senior pictures in Washington DC, to avoid the crowds. Even at 8 am, there’s always a few other photographers around, tourists, and people working out by the steps of the Lincoln Monument.

It’s really an amazing thing to live so close to our nation’s capital city. I know it seems like it’s a continent away sometimes, give how busy our lives are and how easy it is to stay in a 5 mile radius of our homes. But even with most of the museums still closed, it’s worth a visit. It’s simply beautiful, and there are so many interesting sights beyond the monuments and cherry blossoms. I’d love to go down there for a photowalk one day this spring.

It’s been years since I took my first senior pictures in Washington DC with Sam. I often wonder how he is doing. I have so much fun with my high school seniors and really love how unique and diverse they are. I’ve been taking pictures for a long time, and I love when I’m able to photograph siblings and family portraits in the fall and stay in touch with them! I’ve even photographed weddings for some of my seniors. But I digress.

Another reason to choose Washington DC for your senior pictures is that it’s beautiful year round. Most of my seniors book when the weather is gorgeous and flowers are in bloom or fall foliage is starting to turn. Some seniors however have really busy schedules with sports travel and their other activities. So for seniors who need to book in the winter, Washington DC is a great option. If you need more proof, check out the gallery below!

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Senior Pictures in Washington DC

senior pictures in Washington DC
DC Senior portraits-4web

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