Senior Model Safari – Northern Virginia Morven Park

In June, some of the girls in my senior model program and I headed to Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia, for a senior model safari photo shoot. We started with the prom dresses, which you can see here, and then moved into this styled senior shoot. I’ve loved white dresses ever since I was a little girl, my passion being fueled by portraits of girls from long ago in beautiful white dresses, songs like “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music, and beaming brides in their wedding gowns. So even though styled senior portraits of girls in white dresses has been done a hundred times before, I had to try my hand at it too!

Safari White-2 proof web

Look at how beautiful these high school senior girls are! They all had professional makeup done, compliments of Meredith Ehler, personal stylist — one of the many perks of being a senior model for Goodhart Photography!

Senior model safari

I like to photography in groups of three, it brings to mind the three graces of antiquity, representing joy, charm, and beauty.

northern Virginia senior portraits

Then I photographed some of the girls individually. This beauty, Shannon from Dominion High School, has reminded me of Snow White since she was a little girl. I’m so thrilled she decided to be one of my senior models!

northern Virginia senior models

Leah from Broad Run is the younger sister of one of my former models! She’s gorgeous, she has those striking blue eyes that just pop out of every picture.

northern Virginia senior pictures

Lauren from Dominion High School also has a special place in my heart — her mother was one of the first people I met in my neighborhood — we were both pregnant and always had the same food cravings, so we kept running into each other at area restaurants. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful.

senior photographer northern Virginia

Megan is from Tuscarora High School, where she cheers and does gymnastics. I’m thrilled she is part of my model team, she’s sweet and a good sport (I had her scaling that wall in other pictures) and just so photogenic!

Loudoun County senior pictures

I love this picture of beautiful Elizabeth of Dominion High School, she looks so angelic! I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her grow from a little girl into a lovely teenager.

Morven Park senior pictures

And look at this portrait of Delaney from Broad Run High School! She looks so amazingly chic here, I love how she is working the hat and that beautiful expression and the wrought iron gate behind her.

Senior pictures Morven Park

Last, but not least, for my parting shot — I couldn’t believe this magnificent tree! The girls are all amazing and I can’t wait to take their senior pictures next month!!

Safari White-15 web

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