Gorgeous Madeira Senior Pictures

This year I had the pleasure of photographing high school senior portraits for several girls from the Madeira School in McLean, Virginia.

I loved it! I had so much fun connecting with and photographing these gorgeous and fun seniors. And Madeira is a gorgeous campus, with dance studios, dorms, faculty housing, fields for sports, a horse stable, and more. There were plenty of locations to choose from for photographs!

You may be wondering why families hire someone to take senior pictures when Madeira has its own school photographer!

One reason is that Madeira, as a boarding school, has been a large part of these girls’ lives for four years, and a senior portrait session on campus is the perfect way to commemorate and celebrate their experience, to capture images in some of their favorite places. These photographs will grow more precious with time, I promise. This post has five more great reasons to remember your student’s senior year with senior pictures.

Look through the images below, and if you want to talk more about Madeira senior pictures, get in touch here!

Madeira Senior Pictures