Glamour Portraits for Valentines Day

I know these beauties look like they could be high school seniors, but they are in their late twenties and one of them is a busy mom too!

two beautiful sisters wearing stripes

I teamed up with Meredith Ehler of for a glamour portrait session, so that they could have beautiful pictures to give to their husbands for Valentines Day! It was so much fun!

Let’s start with Rebecca. Here she is before, with a clean face — look at that gorgeous bone structure and beautiful features!

beautiful before picture

And here she is being made up by the amazing Meredith:

woman being prepped for a photoshoot 2
woman being prepped for a photoshoot

And here is some of the magic that happened in front of the camera….

beautiful glamour shoot
beautiful woman looking out from curtains
woman peeking through curtains

Then we switched into a more monochromatic sequined dress with a sparkly bokeh backdrop….

beautiful bombshell in sequinned dress
lovely woman wearing sequinned dress

And then changed into classic black, with glamour lighting….

gorgeous glamour portraits
lovely woman biting her lip
And the parting shots for Rebecca’s glamour portraits….

lying down on a mink coat
beautiful woman looking down
And now for Amanda! Here she is before her makeup session — obviously a beautiful woman, look at that luscious hair!

brunette without makeup

And Meredith working her magic to highlight Amanda’s best features!

Being styled by Meredith Ehler

gorgeous girl being styled by Meredith Ehler

Here she looks so lovely in her husband’s white shirt…
Pensive glamour girl

And here she looks so fierce!!
fierce brunette glamour shoot

Then Amanda changed into classic black and we used glamour lighting on her….

stunning glamorous brunette

One of my favorites from her session….
glamourous brunette wearing black necklace

And our lovely parting shot of Amanda….

brunette in a red dress

I know these women are in their twenties, but I promise you that my makeup artists and I can help you look and feel fabulous, whatever your age!!! Interested? Curious?   Get in touch!