Callie – Dominion High School

Callie is an absolutely beautiful senior model with a great sense of style. I’ve had a wonderful time photographing her this year! Callie started off the day with professional makeup by Jo Trimmer and a studio senior model shoot, which I’ll feature later. Then we headed off to downtown Herndon, where she nailed a fashion-loving look.

Fashionista in downtown Herndon
And look at these shoes!!
senior in downtown Herndon

She switched into jeans with a black peplum top and incredible red shoes.

Trendy High School Senior wearing red shoes

Then Callie changed into a long black ruched dress and brought some red apples and we started doing some concept work.

Senior Girl with a Red Apple and Wings
Senior Girl Holding Red Apple
Beautiful Senior Girl Holding Red Apples

And, with the last rays of sunlight, she changed into a red dress and we headed to the historic cemetery in Herndon — right across from my alma mater, Herndon High School.

High School Senior in a Cemetery wearing a Red Dress
Callie-385 copy web
High School Senior Leaping in a Cemetery

And this is my parting shot. This has such a lovely old world feel, like she is a beautiful endangered heroine out of some gothic Jane Eyre type novel.

Beautiful Girl Running through a cemetery