Northern Virginia Senior Model |Claude Moore Park

Stunning blonde with ringlight

Introducing Delaney, a northern Virginia senior model from Broad Run High School in Ashburn! She is one of my Class of 2015 models and I consider myself quite lucky — just look at how gorgeous she is! She is actually a very happy and smiley person, but she nails the killer fierce look so I decided to start this post with that. Here’s a smile:

northern virginia senior photographer

For the pictures below, Meredith Ehler of did Delaney’s hair and makeup, and really brought out her natural beauty.

senior model studio picture grey backdrop

As a senior model, Delaney joined other models on one of my northern Virginia senior model safaris, a perk of being a Goodhart Photography model! Here is a group picture, and an individual one too:

Safari White-15 web

Angel in white

Then for her senior portrait session, we went to Claude Moore park in northern Virginia, one of my favorite locations for a shoot. CLICK HERE to see more pictures at Claude Moore park, as well as other great locations for seniors shoots.

She started out with this stunning black lace romper. I love the backlighting here, it makes her blonde hair glow, and the red lipstick Meredith used is fantastic!

glorious blonde high school senior black dress

northern virginia senior photographer

Then she did a 180 with her casual, all-American outfit of blue jeans and a white tank top, complete with a baseball cap and her precious chocolate lab, who had just finished an unsanctioned swim in the pond.

brown lab and high school senior

Love this, tough and gorgeous at the same timeā€¦.
cute and sassy high school senior with baseball cap

Delaney switched into another black dress, and I think this black and white picture is perfection, with the graphic grid of the window panes next to her.

stunning black and white high school senior

For her last outfit, she wore this coral/pink hoodie.

northern virginia senior pictures broad run

broad run high school senior

And for my parting shot, Delaney with her little sis, Class of 2016!!

sisters loudoun county

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