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Senior Girl on Fire Photographer web

Another amazing senior, Sindy. So happy she chose me to be her Senior Photographer. As you can tell, she is into archery. I LOVE the picture above, it is so fierce, so intense. I admit it was a little disconcerting to take her picture with the arrow pointed straight at me! So we took a few outside as well.

And then she changed into this incredible homecoming dress, which she made out of a Harry Potter book! I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter — I love how each book is an independent story, and yet all of the books together are a wonderful commentary about friendship, courage, destiny, honor, compassion, love, and the nature of good and evil. But I digress. So Sindy took her passion for something and used it to make something completely original and unique. How cool is that?

High School Senior Harry Potter Book Dress web

And look how well she nails exotic glamour too. She’s wearing a traditional Chinese outfit here, and then a lovely red dress.

Gorgeous Asian High School Senior web

So we took a few more pictures in the studio, and then headed out to the waterfall in Lansdowne.

Northern VA Senior Style web

Senior Girl with Guitar web

northern virginia senior photographer

Simply Stunning Senior web

High school seniors are multi-faceted, and I love to reflect that in senior portrait sessions — to bring in all of your interests and hobbies and passions. These are the portraits that will be treasured and bring back so many memories years down the road.

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