Rustic Claude Moore Park for Beautiful Senior Pictures

Claude Moore Park in Loudoun County is one of the most popular places for senior pictures. With it’s interesting fence lines, barn walls, duck ponds, and abundance of trees and shrubs and thistles and grasses, it provides a beautiful backdrop for pictures all year round.

It is also an excellent place to include pets in a photoshoot — while they are required to be leashed, most pets nevertheless love being at the park and with their humans.

The one downside to Claude Moore Park is that there are so many deer, which of course, means ticks. And with Lymes Disease running rampant in Loudoun County, I always bring bug spray with me to photo sessions and strongly recommend my clients apply it.

In the spring, forsythia, apple blossoms, and this purple flower that looks like wisteria (but probably isn’t) are in bloom.

And of course, sun dappled trees can be found any time of year.

In summer, leaves are lush and full and at their greenest.

And the duck ponds are also wonderful in pictures.

In the fall and winter, thistles, grasses, and bark add a lot of visual interest.

And of course the gorgeous fall colors of leaves and goldenrod…

And there are all of the interesting walls, fences and structures too….

And there is even a nearby lacrosse field for sports pictures!

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