Yes Virginia, Guy Senior Portraits Are A Thing!

Guy Senior Portraits are increasing in popularity every year! I admit that most senior guys end up in my studio because Mom wants a really nice picture of her son before he leaves for college. But by the time the senior is done, he ends up having a good time and finding out that it really isn’t so painful.

After all, I’m actually pretty nice, and I keep the shoot simple, real and low key.

I won’t pose a guy awkwardly or like a girl or make him do anything silly — instead I’ll help him feel comfortable and make him look great.

I usually work quickly too, unless the senior is up for trying to get some cool xtreme sports or musician shots. In that case we can take a little more time!

The bottom line is, senior portraits are being a rite of passage for senior girls in northern Virginia, and guys deserve great senior pictures too. Their talents, personalities, and good looks are just as worth commemorating as girls.

A few quick tips: for natural guy senior portraits, your son should bring clothes that he is comfortable and at home in. Clean, unwrinkled clothes are best (don’t let him shove them into a gym bag please!), but don’t feel compelled to make him wear a button down shirt if he has only worn one twice in his life.

Also, encourage him to incorporate his interests in his senior shoot. One senior guy brought his dad’s cars to his shoot, many seniors bring their dogs, others bring their guitars or sports gear. It’s all good — we’ll get great expressions when he is showcasing something he loves.

Guy Senior portraits are a wonderful way to capture the memories of who your senior is at this special transitional time in his life. These portraits will make you smile every time you see them, and someday, your son will love them too. So moms, don’t let your son’s senior year go by without bringing them into Goodhart Photography.

senior with guitar

senior guy lacrosse

Senior Guy leaning on fence

senior guy with soccer ball

senior guy with folded arms

Senior Guy With Phone bw

Senior guy with football hi res

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