Conceptual Photo Challenge: Photographing Welcome

The Merriam-Webster definition of welcome is to greet someone in a warm and friendly manner, with pleasure and hospitality.

I’ve been a little obsessed with this word ever since I listened to Anne Lamott talk about the “Book of Welcome” that she thought was accidentally left out of the scriptures.

The welcome book would have taught us that power and signs of status can’t save us, that welcome — both offering and receiving — is our source of safety. Various chapters and verses of this book would remind us that we are wanted and even occasionally delighted in…”

And this: “It turns out that welcome is solidarity. We’re glad you’re here, and we’re with you. This whole project called you being alive, you finding joy? Well, we’re in on that.”

Unconditional welcome, both offering and receiving, as a source of safety — I really love that idea. The safety comes in being able to be ourselves. The embrace and acceptance of our common humanity with all of our flaws makes genuine, authentic connection possible.


How to Photography the Idea of Welcome

  1. What are some tangible ways that other people make you feel welcome, or that you make other’s feel welcome? A friendly smile or wave, a warm hug, an open door, a stack of towels, a welcome mat might be some examples.
welcome bouquet

2. What about your pets? How do they make you feel welcome?

warm welcome

3. What signs do you receive that make you feel welcomed by God, the universe, or another higher power? A rainbow at an auspicious time, fireflies swarming on your evening walk, a robin’s nest outside your window?

#MindfulPhotoChallenge Day 27

Create an image with a feeling of welcome.

Share your images on Instagram with #mindfulphotochallenge and/or #RefocusPhotoChallenge, and tag me @ goodhartphotography.

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Photo credits: Evie-S, Henry-Be, JD-Mason, Johny-Goerend, Klara-Kulikova, Malicki-M-Beser, Matthew Henry, Milan-Malkomes, Tyler-Chandler.