Homeschool Senior Pictures | Cascades Marketplace

I met Camille years ago through another homeschooling family, and I completely agree with her parents that she deserved homeschool senior pictures. Camille is beautiful, bright, and extremely creative. She had so many ideas for her homeschool senior pictures and I loved bringing them to life.

We started out in the studio, where Meredith Ehler gave Camille the Royal Treatment with impeccable hair and makeup.

Then Camille changed into her mother’s prom dresses, followed by a Phantom of the Opera inspired outfit.

Finally, we headed outside for more pictures.  We did the shoot in the Cascades Market Place, where we had access to a combination of urban and woodland features.

Camille’s family celebrated their lovely daughter’s upcoming high school graduation with portraits they will treasure for a lifetime.

Camille Studio-60 12x18 webCamille Phantom of the Opera

Camille Location082 5x7 webCamille Location109 5x7 web