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As a full-service photographer offering Northern VA senior pictures, I do offer studio portraits to my clients. Some high school seniors prefer the control of the studio lights, as well as the controlled temperature and lack of gnats and mosquitos and other creepy crawly flying things that are associated with outdoor, on-location photography.

But some people belong outside. Their portraits come alive when they are on location — the natural environment brings out natural smiles and natural reactions and real connections.

Carly is definitely one of those people! She’s Class of 2015 from John Champe High School in Aldie, Loudoun County, and she has a passion for the environment. Last year she attended the Conserve School in Wisconsin on scholarship! The Conserve School is a unique environmental studies school where all subjects are deeply intertwined with the environment. There is a lot of physical activity too — backpacking, camping, boating, etc…It sounds amazing!

Anyway, she is back in northern Virginia now and she continues her environmental interests by working at the Reston Zoo and kayaking. And I’m thrilled to have her in my Class of 2015 Senior Model Program.

She wanted fall color in her senior pictures, so we took them in October. She began her senior portrait session by treating herself to hair and makeup by Meredith Ehler. Then we headed out to Claude Moore Park to take her pictures. Isn’t she gorgeous? So natural, and so model-esque. We took a variety of pictures, in the wild grasses, by the barns, and over near the duck ponds towards sunset.

high school senior model program john champe high school senior
northern virginia senior photographer

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senior girl with hat

sunset at claude moore park web northern VA photographer
contemplation high school girl

This last picture is just gorgeous, look at those clouds rolling in. We debated canceling the shoot because of the threat of rain, but decided to take our chances, and I’m so glad we did. The clouds were so dramatic towards the end of the shoot — just look at this!

watching the clouds roll in web

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