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    Review: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

    Won’t You Be My Neighbor is a wonderful documentary film about Fred Rogers, of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” fame. It’s an incredibly thought-provoking movie that still resonates with me, months after I first saw it in the theaters.  Three times in fact.  But I digress. I did not watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood as a child, so I didn’t have any pre-existing attachment to Fred Rogers. But by the end of the movie, I was an enormous fan.

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    Review: Trello Organizational App

    Okay so last week I told you about my favorite paper planner, this week I am going to review Trello, one of my favorite apps. It is an incredibly simple way to organize your thoughts and to-dos, yet very flexible, and very useful as it synchronizes across computers, phones, and tablets. Plus it is free! There are just three simple concepts in Trello — the board, the list, and the card. They are basically comparable to a blank sheet of paper (board) with columns drawn on it (list) and post-it notes (cards) that you move from list to list. This system is based on the personal Kanban board, which you can learn more about it here. Back to Trello. When you open up Trello, you are greeted by a list of all of your boards. Here are mine: You can create a board for anything you have rattling around in your head that needs to be organized or get done. I have a schedule board, which I manually sync with my planner in the mornings, several work-related boards, and a bucket list board. Then, on each board, you create lists, and within each list, cards. Here is an example: In…

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    Review: The Planner Pad

    I love January. I admit it, I am someone who loves planning, loves planners, loves paper, loves possibilities. And yet I admit, I always, ALWAYS falls woefully short of what I want to do and accomplish. I mean, I live in crazy northern Virginia where the pace of life can swamp even the most organized of souls.  I have three kids, I am running a photography business, and I have more bright shiny ideas that interest me than I could possibly do even if I could clone myself five times. But does that discourage me? Not in the least. Every January, I read organizational books, purchase planners, stalk planning blogs, and load my ipad with organizational apps.  There are so many wonderful people out there creating all kinds of inspirational products and tools. And little by little, I do make progress. I mean, I take two steps forward and one step back sometimes, but my overall trajectory is heading towards a manageable, balanced, organized life. Planner Pad Today I’m going to talk about my favorite planner, the Planner Pad.  I love this product so much. It has come closer to anything else to keeping me on track, and I have…