TBPN Week 1: Your Subject


Welcome photography friends! This week is all about choosing your subject and going a little deeper. Many times we pull out our camera and photograph fairly obvious things, like the Washington Monument in DC or everyone crowded together with arms flung over shoulders at a family gathering.

This week is an invitation to go beyond the obvious subjects in your surroundings. At any given moment, there are 360 degrees of interesting items that could be your subject. Our brain is just waaaay too good at filtering out what it considers to be irrelevant or unproductive information, so we just don't see. This week, let's challenge that!

We'll go over:

1. What makes a good photograph?

2. How to choose a subject

3. What the frame is and how to fill it up

4. Perfect focus

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All About Your Subject

What Makes a Good Photograph?

The answer to this question is pretty subjective, but there are some fairly common standards!

In this video, we'll talk about those standards, but don't let them become more important than your own intuition!

What Can I Photograph?

In this video, we'll answer that question by going over some of the major photography genres.

How to Choose Your Subject

"Observe the world. Be Astonished. Tell About it!" -- Mary Oliver

Every photograph begins with the power of observation, and an intention.

This video goes over some tips for finding your subject.

Fill Up the Frame

The frame of an image is the edges of a photograph.

When you take a picture, you are literally framing a small piece of the enormous world around you in your image.

Deciding what to include, and what to leave out, is a critical task for any photographer.

Nailing Focus

Even though modern digital cameras and phone cameras have made taking clearly focused images easier than ever, sometimes we miss focus.

This video goes over some common reasons for blurry images and how to fix that.



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