My first job after I graduated from the College of William and Mary was as a consultant for Price Waterhouse. In college, I was nothing like the kids of today, who are given planners in elementary school. I had a wall calendar, and that was completely sufficient for my needs. Then I sat in a business meeting for the first time, and my boss put this impossibly thick leather planner on the table that she laughingly called her life. After the meeting, she showed me how she used it to plan meetings, track her travel expenses, and make sure she had time to get to the gym. I was hooked. And ever since that fateful day in 1987, I have been searching for the perfect planner. What I've found is that planners are never perfect for long. They might work great for a year or two, but then things change and my needs and goals change too. And they don't always change on a calendar or academic year, so I had quite the graveyard of abandoned, expensive planners.

So I decided to design affordable short-term planners that can be swapped out easily.

Quarterly Project Planner

best quarterly project planner

As a busy multitasking mom and business owner, I'm usually juggling several projects. I created this planner to make that a little easier! It includes brainstorming mind map pages, and planning/goal pages for 4 projects. Then my favorite part is a Gantt type flow chart, where you can loosely block out all of your goals for all of your projects over the next quarter and see visually, at a glance, what you should be working on.

Then there are twelve weekly planning pages with 7 daily pages per week, and a weekly wrap up. In the back there are several blank lined pages for your notes. All of this in a very convenient 7x10 size!