7 Tips for a Picture Perfect Senior Photoshoot

Your senior year is the perfect time to celebrate your accomplishments with a senior photoshoot. Senior pictures are a rite of passage, and they serve as a beautiful reminder of your high school years. To make sure your senior pictures are picture-perfect, here are 7 tips to help you prepare.

1. Choose the right outfits

Your outfit is one of the most important aspects of your senior photoshoot. Many years ago the advice was to wear solid colors and long sleeves so that your clothes weren’t a distraction and the emphasis was on your face. However in modern portraiture that no longer holds true.

Choose clothes that represent you and your personal style, that you love and that get you lots of compliments when you wear them. Of course if your mom wants you to wear an outfit for Grandma or LinkedIn that you don’t love that’s totally okay — we’ll get some good photos of that but there should also be clothes that you love and feel great in.

Do make sure that your clothes are clean and pressed – don’t shove them into a duffle for the photoshoot!

2. Plan your hair and makeup

Your hair and makeup also have a big impact on how your senior pictures look. A professional makeup artist can be a really fun experience, even for girls who typically don’t wear makeup. A makeup artist can create a great, natural look that won’t fade and will still have impact by the end of your senior photoshoot.

If you prefer to do your own hair and makeup that’s fine, apply slightly more so it shows up in bright light, and bring some with you on your shoot for touch-ups.

3. Bring props that represent you

Consider bringing props to your senior photoshoot that represent you and your interests. For example, if you play a musical instrument, bring it along. I’ve photographed violins and drums and clarinets and more!

If you have a pet, bring them along for some shots — I know several pet friendly locations. Sometimes Dad will come to the shoot too and take the dog home or off for a walk after we get a few pictures.

Some seniors like to bring college gear and sweatshirts once they’ve been accepted into the school. Props can add a personal touch to your photos and help tell your story.

4. Pick a location where you feel comfortable

The location of your senior photoshoot is also an important consideration. You might want to select a location that fits with your personality — for example, if you know you might feel a little awkward being photographed where there are lots of people like Leesburg, Virginia or Washington, DC — you can choose a more rural location like Claude Moore Park or Morven Park.

Or you can choose a location that represents you and your interests. I photographed a high school senior baseball player and we did most of his pictures on and near the baseball field. If you want to study history or politics, you might want to do your session on Capitol Hill. If you’re an artist, you might choose a location with a lot of color and texture.

If you can’t decide, we can go to a couple of locations!

5. Give yourself some extra TLC

Start taking care of chapped lips a week before the session – use lots of lip balm and drink lots of water. Trim your fingernails or get a professional manicure. Neaten eyebrows. Brush your teeth so they look their whitest and cleanest.

6. Get lots of sleep

Getting plenty of rest the night before your photoshoot is important to help you look and feel your best. Make sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour and avoid staying up late the night before your photoshoot. You want to be well-rested and refreshed so you can focus on having a great time and taking great photos.

7. Be yourself

The most important tip for preparing for your senior photoshoot is to be yourself! Let your natural smile and personality shine through, and relax and enjoy the experience. I absolutely love photographing high school seniors, and I’ll work with you every step of the way. My goal is for you and your family to treasure these pictures for years to come!

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