💖 BEFRIEND = Self-acceptance

🌱 TEND = Self-care

As a multitasking mom/photographer/author/teacher/blogger who has been on a multi-year journey to ditch stress and overwhelm and lead a more authentic, intentional, and joyful life, I've learned a LOT.

I make videos to share my hard-earned insights, tips, and strategies for increasing well-being so that 🔥 burnt-out and stressed-out women like I used to be (and still am sometimes -- befriending and tending is a process) can make small tweaks to live a happier, more peaceful life.

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How to Do Affirmations that Actually Work

Gratitude Journals Don't Work (Unless You Do This)

How to Feel More Joy ✨ When Life is Hard

What To Do When Self Care Isn't Making You Feel Better

Declutter Your Mind, Increase Happiness with Journaling

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Learning Journal for Befriend and Tend

Documenting the progress of my Youtube Channel - in part, so when I look back I can see how far I've come, and in part to leave a trail of encouragement for anyone else who decides to launch a Youtube Channel...

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How I got to 100 Subscribers on YouTube. It was a long slow crawl for me, 15 videos and 3.5 months!


In this 6 minute video I celebrate 200 subscribers and share my reasons behind creating the channel.

How I got to 200 Subscribers on YouTube. Twice as fast, 1.5 months, but about the same number of new videos (14).

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