On the Fence?

Here at Goodhart Photography, we want everyone to have beautiful custom portraits. Your journey, and your family’s journey, through life is unique and beautiful. It deserves to be remembered and celebrated through stunning imagery. We have found, however, that sometimes potential clients have concerns that prevent them from having professional portraits made, and we want to put those concerns to rest right now.

Concerns About Pricing

While our clients typically invest between $800 and $1500 at Goodhart Photography for a combination of gift prints, wall portraits, and albums, budget-conscious families do have options.

1. Goodhart Photography offers several all-inclusive mini-sessions several times a year to give families and high school seniors a taste of the awesome Goodhart Photography custom portrait experience at a fraction of the price.

2. Goodhart Photography has print collections starting at $300 and digital collections starting at $349.

3. Goodhart Photography offers custom mini-sessions — for example, if you can get 6 friends together for First Holy Communion portraits on a specific day and time, I can offer you and your friends very special rates.

Concerns About Appearance

One of the most common reasons women avoid portraits is because they (it is almost always women) believe they don’t look good.

Maybe they want to lose or gain 10 pounds, maybe they are planning to have a little work done next year, maybe they have a chronic illness like Lymes Disease and they just don’t feel their best.

A good professional photographer will know how to light you and pose you to flatter you and minimize the things you are concerned about. Furthermore, a good makeup artist can help accentuate your best features.  And there is always the transformative magic of photoshop.  I prefer to use a light hand, but will retouch images to your liking.

Most importantly, your loved ones will want to have family pictures with you in them! I am speaking from personal experience — there is not a SINGLE photograph of my entire family from my childhood. One of my parents was always behind the camera. So just do it!

Concerns About the Experience

The current trend in high school senior portraiture is for the senior to have flawless professional makeup and to be photographed like a model, sometimes in a very stylized way. It’s really a lot of fun for the girls, and results in some lovely portraits. The girls who typically want a session like this are used to being photographed and they want something new and different.

However, some families and seniors are not looking for that type of portrait. They want their senior pictures to reflect the way they look every day, only a little more polished.  And we love to work with those seniors too!

Finally, some seniors (especially guys) don’t like a fuss and just want a few quick pictures.  My home studio makes it really easy to take studio and/or natural light photographs in my yard, all in 15-20 minutes.

We believe everyone deserves to have the type of senior portrait they want, whether that is flawless supermodel, or natural girl or boy next door.

Concerns About Fairness

Senior portraits are just now becoming popular in northern Virginia. Sometimes there are older siblings in college, and parents feel badly about investing in portraits for one child when they didn’t do the same for others. Well now you can — you can add in the sibling free of charge on the day of the session for a few pictures, or, you can book another day for the sibling for just $50!

Our Guarantee

Hiring Goodhart Photography is a risk free proposition! In addition to being a certified professional photographer, we are an award winning studio specializing in vibrant and creative portraits of your family. We promise to take great care of you from start to finish and our work is backed by a 100% happiness guarantee.

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