Family Session Guide

Congratulations! So you’ve scheduled a portrait session for your family! Now the fun begins of planning what to wear.

Before selecting clothing, think about your walls. A beautiful portrait is a perfect home decor accent. If you are considering hanging framed prints or canvas gallery wraps on your wall, consider the color scheme and decorating style of your home when selecting clothing. Your clothing selections should match the style of your home — whether traditional, modern, chic, trendy, warm, casual, etc… Furthermore, your clothing should look harmonious and shouldn’t attract attention to itself.  YOU are the subject of your portrait, your clothing is just an accent.


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One trick for planning your outfit is to choose a favorite outfit for one person in the family and lay it out on your bed. Then add outfits for the rest of the family, building off of colors in the first outfit. When all of the clothes are out, make sure that nothing jumps out or attracts undue attention.

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. For a more harmonious look, everyone’s clothing in the same basic color tones: warm (browns, rust, etc…) or cool (blues, greys, black, etc…)
  2. Slenderize subjects and emphasize faces with darker clothing that covers arms and legs. Skin and lighter clothing draws attention away from facial features.
  3. Avoid distracting clothing, such as busy prints, highly contrasting patterns, large logos, cartoon characters, etc… Subtle patterns and prints can look great when used sparingly.
  4. Use layers and texture whenever possible, especially in the fall, to add visual interest. Texture looks especially good in black and white.
  5. If you have little ones in your family, make sure the clothes are comfortable. A child who is wearing stiff shoes or a scratchy sweater is unlikely to smile nicely for the camera.

What To Bring to your Portrait Sessions

  1. Face powder to combat shine, lip gloss to freshen up, and a hairbrush.
  2. If you have little ones, bring a backup change of clothes just in case!
  3. Wipes or tissues to clean off little faces
  4. Comfy shoes you can wear if we are walking around a park — you can put on your cute shoes for the portrait!