Why You Can Never Have Too Many Blank Books

I love blank books! Although they don't stay blank for very long. I have books to collect quotes, books I use as journals, books I use for creative writing, books I use for planning my latest creative or business projects, and more. Even though I have bookshelf full of blank books waiting to be used, it is really hard for me to resist purchasing an interesting or inspiring blank notebook.

You can use them for:

- Journals

- To write morning pages

- Lists

- Memories

- Gratitude

- Letters to a child

- Book clubs

- Planning

- Collecting quotes or ideas

- Sketching

- Creative writing

- Mapping out business ideas

- Health and Fitness tracking

- Recipes

and more!

Here are some blank journals I've created!

Blank Journals

7x10 blank lined journals with 120 pages.

One a Frida Kahlo inspired cover painted by me during the start of the pandemic, and the other an unhackable analog recording device for your private notes.