Articles about Photoshoots

I've been photographing high schools seniors and families in Loudoun County and surrounding areas since 2009!

Here are some of articles I've written about my photoshoots!


Articles about Photography

Photography has the power to transform lives, from simply learning how to be more present in the moment to building a business you love and everything in between! I write about the art and craft of photography.

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Articles about Wellbeing

Like so many modern mothers, my own needs were completely subordinate to the needs of my family and my business, until I started to experience the debilitating effects of burnout.

I've spent years learning about and trying to practice true self-care and self-compassion.

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Articles about Productivity

As a multitasking parent to three kids who also managed a photography business with a couple of side projects, I am always fine-tuning my productivity, knowledge management and self-management techniques.


Random Musings and Book Reviews

Sometimes I want to blog about more personal stuff, or write reviews that don't really fall into the other categories.

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