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Terry + Ally – A Vintage Wedding

This vintage wedding was truly a celebration of love. The way the Ally and Terry treated each other, looked at each other, spoke to each other — it melted my romantic heart. And their love was not just reserved for each other, but also for every one of their cherished guests. Ally was a high school classmate of mine, and it was such an honor […]


Matt + Lauren – Rosemont Manor Wedding

Photographing a wedding is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer, in part because bearing witness to much joy and happiness reaffirms my sense that all is right with the world. Look at these two. Matt and Lauren. What a wonderful, wonderful couple. They both have the same natural warmth and quirky sense of humor that makes them best friends as well […]


Katie + Andrew – Centreville Wedding

Katie is a truly luminous person, inside and out. I’ve known her for years, and was so thrilled to have been asked to do the wedding photography for her marriage in October, 2013.  She was married in the Centreville Baptist church, a spacious church with a large sanctuary and a very pretty courtyard.   Then it was off to the church to get dressed and take a […]