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    Studio Photography – After Hours Glamour Portraits in Northern Virginia

    This absolutely beautiful woman, Sudeima, works hard, physically, all day.   Usually you will see her with her hair pulled up in a ponytail, wearing workout clothes.   But when she lets her hair down, she is a modern day Cinderella!   We took these glamour photography pictures in my Potomac Falls studio. She was a little nervous, as she had never had glamour portraits taken before, but she relaxed when I showed her the back of my camera and she saw how lovely she was. We had a great time! First we photographed her in a beautiful silver metallic sweater. Then we glammed it up a notch with a fur collar…. Yet another clothing change, beautiful blue dress that fit her to perfection!  Believe it or not, Sudeima has a ten year old daughter! Then we worked with the simplicity of a man’s white shirt… And we wrapped up with this simply gorgeous picture in a black tulle skirt and a vintage beaded top. Truly a wonderful session!  I am so glad she chose Goodhart Photography for her glamour portraits. Northern Virginia women — photoshoots are not just for your children!!   Why not commemorate and celebrate your own beauty?

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    8 Signs You Need A New Headshot

    It is easy to procastinate and put off getting a new professional headshot, but in image-conscious northern VA and the DC metropolitan area, a professional headshot is especially important. Your headshot is often the first impression for potential clients or employers, and therefore it should enhance your professionalism and credibility. Not convinced? Here are eight signs that you need a new professional headshot 1. You cropped yourself out of a wonderful family picture. While that may be a lovely picture of you, it does not say “I am a professional”, especially if someone elses shoulder is in the picture. Yes they will notice. Plus, it is unlikely to be as flattering of you as it could be, given that it is unlikely to have been professionally retouched. 2. Your headshot is over 5 years old. Enough said. Although ideally you’ll be updating your headshot every 2 years or so, or whenever you change your look. You don’t want your client thinking that your headshot looks nothing like you. 3. You have a glazed, deer in the headlights look. Maybe you hate having your portrait taken and figure the one you have is good enough, but you deserve better. A good…

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    5 Reasons to Choose Studio Portraits Instead of a Destination Shoot

    Why would a high school senior choose studio portraits, with so many beautiful locations available in northern Virginia? Well it turns out there are lots of excellent reasons for spending time in a portrait studio! Here are five for your consideration: 1. Total Control of the Light. The quality of outdoor light varies — it can be harsh and bright, grey and cool, or beautiful and golden. And it can change many times over the course of a shoot, keeping a photographer on their toes to compensate and adjust. Light matters –the wrong lighting outside can put on a few pounds or wash your your features or give you raccoon eyes. In the studio, the photographer has complete control of the light and it will always be beautiful. 2. No Nature. Yes nature is absolutely beautiful, but not everyone appreciates the downsides of being outside — like bugs, wind, humidity, makeup running, ticks, sweat, and poison ivy, among other things. In the studio, your makeup, hair, and clothes will stay perfect! And changing clothes and touching up hair and makeup is a breeze in a studio. 3. Privacy. On a location shoot, there will be passersby and bystanders who may…

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    Studio Portraits – Precious Newborn Baby

    Oh the sweet deliciousness of a newborn! The curly newness melts me every time. When this angel’s mama emailed me for newborn baby portraits, I was thrilled. They came to my home studio in Loudoun county, and we set about capturing some precious images. In this first image, Thomas is wearing a hat knit for him by his big sister! Thomas was a very alert baby, look at those gorgeous eyes. But after a little food, Thomas nodded off to sleep. Look at how tiny those little fingers are! So hard to remember my own children being so small. Dearly wish I had professional pictures of them from that time. Okay how cute is this, laughing to himself during a dream…. So we put another hat on him — and he was still so good natured!! Thomas sure is a little charmer, and I know he is going to bless his family every single day.

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    Seton High School Senior Pictures | Holly

    Holly is a beautiful inside-and-out high school senior who attends Seton High School in Manassas, Virginia. She’s one of my senior models, Class of 2014, and I’ve been blessed to be her family’s photographer for years. Her smile is simply radiant, making a high fashion, high key look very natural for her.  But then she can turn it on and be tough and gritty, like the natural athlete she is.   Would you want to mess with her on the soccer field?? Holly joined me on my 2014 Senior Model Safari at Claude Moore park in Sterling, where we took one of my all-time favorite pictures of her wearing a white straw hat… The theme was hippie chic, in case you can’t tell!  She looks stunning with the headband and long hair… Here she is again rocking another hippie chic look and carrying a guitar! Holly is actually a very talented musician as well!!  She plays guitar and has a gorgeous voice! You can watch her music video here: After the hippie chic shoot, Holly tried on this really cool tulle skirt I made!  She’s wearing it with a vintage 1940s beaded vest I picked up for $6 at a consignment…

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    Michelle – Dominion High School Class of 2014

    Michelle was one of my radiant Class of 2014 senior models from Dominion High School!! We had so much fun with her studio model session — Meredith Ehler of HomeFashionBeautyCom gave her the royal treatment with her makeup — natural and yet flawless! I was inspired to try my hand at quite a bit of digital painting with Michelle — above it is very subtle, but I think gives the portrait a classic feel. We also took some high key glamour type pictures — love her fair complexion and blonde hair! This was just for fun, playing up her lace top with a vintage backdrop and suitcase. Goodhart Photography is accepting a limited number of Class of 2015 Senior Models, with priority given to rising seniors who have a unique vision or talent they’d like to showcase in a session! Apply today!! A few months later, Michelle participated in Goodhart Photography’s Model Safari — our theme was hippie chic and Michelle rocked the look!  I painted the next two pictures with Corel Painter and Photoshop — I printed the guitar image as a studio sample. This is so sweet!! Then a few weeks after that, we did her senior session…

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    Glamour Portraits for Valentines Day

    I know these beauties look like they could be high school seniors, but they are in their late twenties and one of them is a busy mom too! I teamed up with Meredith Ehler of HomeFashionBeauty.com for a glamour portrait session, so that they could have beautiful pictures to give to their husbands for Valentines Day! It was so much fun! Let’s start with Rebecca. Here she is before, with a clean face — look at that gorgeous bone structure and beautiful features! And here she is being made up by the amazing Meredith: And here is some of the magic that happened in front of the camera…. Then we switched into a more monochromatic sequined dress with a sparkly bokeh backdrop…. And then changed into classic black, with glamour lighting…. And the parting shots for Rebecca’s glamour portraits…. And now for Amanda! Here she is before her makeup session — obviously a beautiful woman, look at that luscious hair! And Meredith working her magic to highlight Amanda’s best features! Here she looks so lovely in her husband’s white shirt… And here she looks so fierce!! Then Amanda changed into classic black and we used glamour lighting on her…. One…

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    Callie – 2014 Senior Model from Dominion High School

    Callie is an absolutely beautiful senior model with a great sense of style. I’ve had a wonderful time photographing her this year! Callie started off the day with professional makeup by Jo Trimmer and a studio senior model shoot, which I’ll feature later. Then we headed off to downtown Herndon, where she nailed a fashion-loving look. And look at these shoes!! She switched into jeans with a black peplum top and incredible red shoes. Then Callie changed into a long black ruched dress and brought some red apples and we started doing some concept work. And, with the last rays of sunlight, she changed into a red dress and we headed to the historic cemetery in Herndon — right across from my alma mater, Herndon High School. And this is my parting shot. This has such a lovely old world feel, like she is a beautiful endangered heroine out of some gothic Jane Eyre type novel.

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    Jordan – Stone Bridge High School

    This beautiful senior was ridiculously photogenic. And sweet and artistic and athletic and funny — it was such a great session. I loved taking her senior pictures, she was game for anything!! She started out by having her makeup done by Meredith Ehler. Then we took her yearbook pictures in my Potomac Falls studio, and added in a few outfit changes. She brought her dance ribbons, a dance outfit and a couple of casual clothes. I loved how this simple blue dress played off her blue eyes — and yes that is a REAL birch tree I brought back from my Dad’s farm up in Maine. We took a few pictures on my new (at the time) typography backdrop… This was one of Jordan and family’s favorite pictures from the session — she ordered this as a canvas gallery wrap… And then because Jordan’s brother came home from Virginia Tech and wanted to know what was up with the wall shrine for Jordan, we did a shoot for him too!  I’ll just post the matching picture here, he’ll get his own blog post soon: This picture shows Jordan’s All American Style… And here is a more traditional portrait wearing something…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Loudoun County | Lauren

    Lauren from Dominion High in Loudoun County began her senior portrait session in my home studio with professional hair and makeup from Meredith Ehler. Then I took her senior yearbook portrait: and we headed out to Claude Moore park for her location shoot. It was a perfect summer day — hot but relatively low humidity for Loudoun County.  So Lauren’s hair and makeup held up beautifully, and she had over 50 gorgeous images to choose from. These were some of her favorites: This is one of my personal favorites from the session — her eyes are so sparkly and her smile is so lovely… I have been learning to do digital painting in Corel Painter and Photoshop.  I thought this would look beautiful as a painting…. Lauren was a wonderful way to kick off my senior portrait season!!   She’s off to Virginia Tech in the fall, and of course we wish her every success!