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    Senior Model – Annie | Senior Photographer | Northern VA

    One of my favorite Loudoun County seniors! So delighted when chose me for her senior photographer and signed up to be a senior model.  Goodhart Photography models get lots of perks, and I get lots of pictures for my portfolio, so it’s win-win. Annie has the most gorgeous, luxurious hair imaginable, and simply stunning eyes.   Meredith Ehler enhanced them with perfect makeup. Annie participated in our first Senior Safari!  The theme was hippy chic.  And here’s a photo of her playing her flute: She loves music, and was very active in Dominion High School’s marching band.  Annie is also very talented, very creative, and very funny. She loves making videos, and animals — she even worked at a local dog boarding facility. We went to Claude Moore park for for her senior portrait session. Thank you again Annie for choosing Goodhart Photography to be your senior photographer! Want more information about senior pictures? Click here. Want information about being a Class of 2016 Senior Model? Click here.

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Northern VA Claude Moore Park

    As a full-service photographer offering Northern VA senior pictures, I do offer studio portraits to my clients. Some high school seniors prefer the control of the studio lights, as well as the controlled temperature and lack of gnats and mosquitos and other creepy crawly flying things that are associated with outdoor, on-location photography. But some people belong outside. Their portraits come alive when they are on location — the natural environment brings out natural smiles and natural reactions and real connections. Carly is definitely one of those people! She’s Class of 2015 from John Champe High School in Aldie, Loudoun County, and she has a passion for the environment. Last year she attended the Conserve School in Wisconsin on scholarship! The Conserve School is a unique environmental studies school where all subjects are deeply intertwined with the environment. There is a lot of physical activity too — backpacking, camping, boating, etc…It sounds amazing! Anyway, she is back in northern Virginia now and she continues her environmental interests by working at the Reston Zoo and kayaking. And I’m thrilled to have her in my Class of 2015 Senior Model Program. She wanted fall color in her senior pictures, so we took…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Meadowlark Garden |Lauren

    Okay, this beautiful Dominion High School senior makes me a little bit sentimental. It seems like just yesterday I was running into Lauren’s mom all over northern Virginia at all of the same restaurants when we were pregnant — we always had the same cravings!! Japanese, Mexican, Chinese — we ran into each other once or twice a month and became good friends. I remember taking my enormous baby over to her house to visit when she was just a few days old — — and what a precious tiny little peanut Lauren was! From the very start, Lauren had a sunny, sweet disposition. Our families saw each other several times a week. She was always so nice to my daughter — somewhere in a shoebox or scrapbook there is a very sweet picture of Lauren leading my 2 year old bumblebee around during the Halloween parade. But I digress. In 2009, I was just starting out in photography, Lauren and her sister were some of my portfolio building clients. We went out to Claude Moore park — she even brought her tuba with her! We took lots of pictures, and this was one of my favorites. I entered it…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Northern Virginia Claude Moore Park

    Introducing Delaney, a northern Virginia senior model from Broad Run High School in Ashburn! She is one of my Class of 2015 models and I consider myself quite lucky — just look at how gorgeous she is! She is actually a very happy and smiley person, but she nails the killer fierce look so I decided to start this post with that. Here’s a smile: For the pictures below, Meredith Ehler of HomeFashionBeauty.com did Delaney’s hair and makeup, and really brought out her natural beauty. As a senior model, Delaney joined other models on one of my northern Virginia senior model safaris, a perk of being a Goodhart Photography model! Here is a group picture, and an individual one too: Then for her senior portrait session, we went to Claude Moore park in northern Virginia, one of my favorite locations for a shoot. CLICK HERE to see more pictures at Claude Moore park, as well as other great locations for seniors shoots. She started out with this stunning black lace romper. I love the backlighting here, it makes her blonde hair glow, and the red lipstick Meredith used is fantastic! Then she did a 180 with her casual, all-American outfit…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Lansdowne Waterfall

    Northern Virginia has so many beautiful locations for high school senior photographers! The Lansdowne waterfall was one of my early discoveries, and has been so popular for senior portraits. It’s a very small space, but it packs a variety of different looks in one location. If you don’t like to do a lot of walking, and you want a more cultivated (as opposed to wild and natural, like Claude Moore park) location for your portraits, Lansdowne may fit the bill. It is beautifully landscaped, with gorgeous flowers in the spring and summer….. and tall grasses in the late summer and fall. Then there are the birch trees (my favorites!!) and of course Lansdowne waterfall itself…. and the little reflecting ponds, which are home to frogs, turtles, and fish! Finally, there are various stone structures around the park that work really well for pictures. Like what you see? Goodhart Photography would love to help you create an incredible portrait experience! We are now booking for September and October. Call now to get the best times! Click here to see some other great locations for senior pictures.

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    Senior Model Safari – Northern Virginia Morven Park

    In June, some of my senior models and I headed to Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia, for a senior model safari. We started with the prom dresses, which you can see here, and then moved into this styled senior shoot. I’ve loved white dresses ever since I was a little girl, my passion being fueled by portraits of girls from long ago in beautiful white dresses, songs like “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music, and beaming brides in their wedding gowns. So even though styled portraits of seniors in white dresses has been done a hundred times before, I had to try my hand at it too! Look at how beautiful these girls are! They all had professional makeup done, compliments of Meredith Ehler, personal stylist. I like to do groups of three, it brings to mind the three graces of antiquity, representing joy, charm, and beauty. Then I photographed some of the girls individually. This beauty, Shannon from Dominion High School, has reminded me of Snow White since she was a little girl. I’m so thrilled she decided to be one of my senior models! Leah from Broad Run is the younger sister of one of my…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Loudoun County Claude Moore Park

    Claude Moore Park in Loudoun County is one of the most popular places for senior pictures. With it’s interesting fence lines, barn walls, duck ponds, and abundance of trees and shrubs and thistles and grasses, it provides a beautiful backdrop for pictures all year round. It is also an excellent place to include pets in a photoshoot — while they are required to be leashed, most pets nevertheless love being at the park and with their humans. The one downside to Claude Moore Park is that there are so many deer, which of course, means ticks. And with Lymes Disease running rampant in Loudoun County, I always bring bug spray with me to photo sessions and strongly recommend my clients apply it. In the spring, forsythia, apple blossoms, and this purple flower that looks like wisteria (but probably isn’t) are in bloom. And of course, sun dappled trees can be found any time of year. In summer, leaves are lush and full and at their greenest. And the duck ponds are also wonderful in pictures. In the fall and winter, thistles, grasses, and bark add a lot of visual interest. And of course the gorgeous fall colors of leaves and…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Downtown Herndon!

    This picture sets the tone for a really fun bff session with two Class of 2014 high school seniors in charming downtown Herndon, located in Fairfax County. I love how the girls’ bright, retro feeling clothes pop against the little red caboose in the background! Unfortunately, our photoshoot was the week before the Herndon festival, so the caboose was roped off and we couldn’t get pictures closer to it. Callie (the senior on the right in the photo above) was one of my senior models.  She’s so creative and artistic, and she loves fashion!  She planned the outfits for the shoot beautifully. The next outfits have a more modern fashion look, so we walked around downtown Herndon searching for the perfect location for a backdrop. I love the modern lines of the building here, so we spent some time here before walking around and finding red leaves, a bridge, and even a revolving door…. The final outfits were cute and cheerful, casual sophisticates out for a day of shopping.  We moved out to the main shopping street in downtown Herndon for these photos.  The incredible jewelry in these photos was created by Patricia Barta. And here’s the parting shot! Click…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Morven Park Model Safari

    Planning a high school senior safari for my senior models is always a lot of fun! This year, I decided to become a registered photographer with Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia, so that I could use the grounds for my senior shoots and also for clients throughout the year. It was exquisitely beautiful, and I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of this 100 acre or more park. First the girls started off with professional makeup by Meredith Ehler of HomeFashionBeauty, and hair styling by Joy Brooks. Then we headed out to Morven Park’s manor house, where the girls changed into their prom dresses. I think they look so beautiful, like something out of a fairy tale. And a little closer…. And sharing a light moment… Then I photographed Hannah, Class of 2015 from Dominion High School, in her prom dress, while the other girls changed clothes. I love the pictures we got!! Here she is, lady of the manor…. And then on a chaise on the lawn, with a beautiful tree framing her. Then my lovely assistant, Katie, Class of 2014, held the curtain of beads for Hannah — I think these pictures look so interesting and elegant! I…

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    Destination Senior Pictures – Loudoun County’s Algonkian Park

    After you’ve made your decision to invest in professional senior portraits with Goodhart Photography, the next question becomes location, location, location! Loudoun County offers a number of beautiful backdrops for senior pictures. Today’s post showcases Algonkian Park, which is located in the Cascades area of Sterling. Meet gorgeous Veronica, a Class of 2014 senior who attends Langley High School and works at the Algonkian Park Golf Club — which made this a perfect location for her shoot. The facility has a stone patio with an arbor for outdoor weddings, which is where these pictures were taken: Then we just walked around the area and found this beautiful grass. We saw several deer while we were taking pictures, so you want to be sure to spray with Deet and check for ticks. My clients do not actually go into tall grass, but ticks can be found everywhere in Loudoun County parks and it is better to be safe than sorry. I love backlighting girls in the evening sun, and that’s what I did with Heathir of Broad Run High School. Her hair harmonizes beautifully with the golden grass in the background. And the pensive portraits are always stunning. One last picture…