• trashbag-photo-shoot

    How-To: Trash Bag Dress Fashion Shoot

    So you want to know how to do a trash bag dress fashion shoot. Good for you, they are so much fun! And for most photographers a bit out of our comfort zone. I wish I had taken behind the scenes pictures or video of the trash bag dress shoot, but I never remember those things when I am in…

  • senior pictures Loudoun county

    Studio Portraits – Northern VA Senior Photography | Sindy

    Another amazing senior, Sindy. So happy she chose me to be her Senior Photographer. As you can tell, she is into archery. I LOVE the picture above, it is so fierce, so intense. I admit it was a little disconcerting to take her picture with the arrow pointed straight at me! So we took a few outside as well. And…

  • northern Virginia senior portraits

    Senior Model – Annie | Senior Photographer | Northern VA

    One of my favorite Loudoun County seniors! So delighted when chose me for her senior photographer and signed up to be a senior model.  Goodhart Photography models get lots of perks, and I get lots of pictures for my portfolio, so it’s win-win. Annie has the most gorgeous, luxurious hair imaginable, and simply stunning eyes.   Meredith Ehler enhanced them…

  • Musings

    Review: Trello Organizational App

    Okay so last week I told you about my favorite paper planner, this week I am going to review Trello, one of my favorite apps. It is an incredibly simple way to organize your thoughts and to-dos, yet very flexible, and very useful as it synchronizes across computers, phones, and tablets. Plus it is free! There are just three simple…

  • gorgeous-high-school-senior

    Destination Senior Pictures – Northern VA Claude Moore Park

    As a full-service photographer offering Northern VA senior pictures, I do offer studio portraits to my clients. Some high school seniors prefer the control of the studio lights, as well as the controlled temperature and lack of gnats and mosquitos and other creepy crawly flying things that are associated with outdoor, on-location photography. But some people belong outside. Their portraits…

  • Musings,  Reviews

    Review: The Planner Pad

    I love January. I admit it, I am someone who loves planning, loves planners, loves paper, loves possibilities. And yet I admit, I always, ALWAYS falls woefully short of what I want to do and accomplish. I mean, I live in crazy northern Virginia where the pace of life can swamp even the most organized of souls.  I have three…

  • northern Virginia senior portraits

    Destination Senior Pictures – Meadowlark Garden |Lauren

    Okay, this beautiful Dominion High School senior makes me a little bit sentimental. It seems like just yesterday I was running into Lauren’s mom all over northern Virginia at all of the same restaurants when we were pregnant — we always had the same cravings!! Japanese, Mexican, Chinese — we ran into each other once or twice a month and…

  • northern Virginia wedding photographer

    Matt + Lauren – Rosemont Manor Wedding

    Photographing a wedding is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer, in part because bearing witness to much joy and happiness reaffirms my sense that all is right with the world. Look at these two. Matt and Lauren. What a wonderful, wonderful couple. They both have the same natural warmth and quirky sense of humor that makes…

  • 2018 Loudoun county senior photographer

    Destination Senior Pictures – Lansdowne Waterfall

    Northern Virginia has so many beautiful locations for high school senior photographers! The Lansdowne waterfall was one of my early discoveries, and has been so popular for senior portraits. It’s a very small space, but it packs a variety of different looks in one location. If you don’t like to do a lot of walking, and you want a more…